POSSIBLE : Multiple Flash Modules on the same SPI?

Is it possible to pilot 2 instances of the FLASH Gadgeteer module on the same SPI Bus ?

As the Flash can not comply multiplt R/W on the same sectors, and to avoid using MicroSD just for couple MB of datas, I was imagining to have 2 flash :

One for configuration files that will be stored inline,
One for frequently changing datas that will use the FS, and then as it is each time a complete replacment, I will erase the FLASH before writing these datas…

Thanks for your feedback

It should work using two S sockets

@ Gus -

OK, you mean 2 socket on the same SPI, but with a different SSEL Pin 6 assignment ?

That’s it ?

Over that technical point, do you think it is a good idea if I do not need GB of data storage, or there’s an issue I do not see ?

If your device has USB host support, then I would consider using a thumb drive instead of two flash modules. Not sure what the advantages of flash module, except perhaps less power.

@ Mike -

The idea is also to have something “discret”, so that and USB stick is not convinient. If you thnik it is poor of performance with FLASH, than I keep my first idea of a microSD Card. It is cheap, discret, and can stay lifetime in the box…

@ andre.m - So do I

I was not saying anything bad about flash technology.

From my view, the flash module costs about $15 and you get 4MB of memory.
For $5 you can get a USB Host module, and then you have a choice of
memory sizes in the GBs starting around $5.

There is also GHI support for USB Host mass storage versus a community supported file
system for the flash module.

OK, if that is he price, a Kingston microSD is also 5 € for an 8GB. Would be fine against 15$ for the FLASH. and FS is standard on SD…

BTW, USB drives come in many shapes. Here is a picture of the usb drive I use in my timesharing system. It is very small and discret. It is in lower right corner of board.

@ Mike - Effectively !