Possible imprrovements for FezConfig

1st of all: Why does FEZConfig Need administrative rights? MFDeploy doesn’t. If possible this should be changed. May be the part that Needs admin right can be seperated and run as an 2nd process if needed.

I find it quite usefull to Monitor the debug Output with FEZConfig or MFdeploy.
I would imprrove this Feature as follows:

  • Add a connect/Disconnect button next to Output control.
  • Allow resizing of the window to see more
  • Allow changing the font and font size
  • Disable auto scroll down somehow (extra butten, Cursor not at end, …)
  • Allow automatic saving to a file (should be saved right when the Messages come in)

Sometimes i need to automate some processes (usually fo unexperianced customers)
Some kind of batch mode would be nice to do so.

:wall: And how can I turn of this damn autocorrect and spell checking in Forum editor (or Switch it to english). It makes half the words uppercase (I have German OS here).

That’s part of the browser setup. Without knowing which one you use, you’ll need to dig into the settings for the one you use.

Have you tried this. If yes: good joke :slight_smile: (see Image)

Cant’ find this add-on here (IE 10, Win 8.0) !?
But thank you anyway.

Found it.
If you remove the US keyboard layout and add the German, then I get what I want.
And you need to switch to the new config in the start bar of course.