Ported board slowing down when not debugging

I found a related bug here GitHub · Where software is built

The board is an STM32F407VGT6 w/25 MHz Crystal.

How can I find the mentioned addresses in the bug for that MCU so I may apply the patch?

Basically, I’m pulsing a pin at 500ms sleep intervals. When debugging its perfect at 500ms, however, when not debugging it goes up to 600ms (via scope).


Are you connecting by Usb port but not debug?

No, Just power only to the board.


look at your out put map file, take a look on:
TinyCLR_UsbClient_SetDataReceivedEvent is MODE_ADDRESS
SystemEvents is EVENT_ADDRESS
offset is 0 if these addresses < int.MaxValue.
or offset = address - int.MaxValue.

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Worked a treat! Thank you!