Portal transparent case options

Looking for a plastic case with a transparent lid, with pcb mounting points that match the portal mounting holes. Anyone happen to have found one that matches? Looks like the mounting holes are 3.34 x 4.16 in. Something like this, but doesn’t have to be watertight…:



Or this, but what would I do with the other 999 of them lol?? … time for a 3d printer I guess!


3D Print your way to happiness!

Transparant 3D Printing is not that obvious.

Got a question. Why the need for a transparent enclosure?

What I do is find a suitable box and then machine the face to suit the LCD panel. Another option is to machine the front panel from acrylic to fit a suitable enclosure.

Yah I had forgotten about the touchscreen functionality when I asked the initial question - the second pic is basically a box already setup for the display, I was thinking that the sitcore portal might be a standard size - but I’ll do as you suggest!

I am currently working on a project using the Portal and a 3D printed case.

I use OpenSCAD for my model. It is a work in progress, but you are welcome to the source code.