Port of FEZHat Driver to Android Things with Azure IoT sample inside ;)

I’m curious about Android Things, so I decided to test it, but I don’t have any driver available for my FezHat, so I tried to port it from GHI Bucket and it works now…

You can download the driver from [url]https://github.com/Gravicode/FezHatDriver_AndroidThings[/url], I put some sample app too, it will read the sensor data and push it to Azure IoT Hub…

Cheers :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing. Seems to be very valuable. However I’m not very familiar with RPI and until now know nothing about Android Things. Can you please give some information, how the application can be installed, and in few words what the functions of Android Things are (or a link to a tutorial for Beginners)

Start page.

Supported on Pi3 and others although I think the Pi is the cheapest option. It also supports the native Pi LCD from Element14 and I have that running here. There is no task bar or home, back, menu buttons etc so you have to support this in your app itself but from what I can see you can do all the usual GUI stuff with it. Similar to Windows 10 on the Pi where only 1 app is visible.There is also no on screen keyboard either.

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