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Popup Menu Focus


So I’ll start with a description of what I’m trying to do:

I am developing a GUI that makes use of a TFT display and a touch screen. In part of the GUI I need popup windows that are essentially layered on top of the previous window like a popup box in Windows or any other UI.

Getting the popup box up and adding buttons to it is easy. However I can’t seem to get Buttons.Focus() to focus on the popup only. I create the popup within the parent window object, so that object is active when the popup gets rendered. So at the same time I call Buttons.Focus(PopupObject) to move focus. However despite the fact that the property “IsFocused” is false for the parent window objects, they still respond to touch events.

How do I disable the touch events for objects not children of the currently focused object?


Unrelated answer, what size display are you using?


7 inch display.