Pop quiz hot shot

Name as many parts or other facts and be in to win ;D


@ Justin
Power terminal for car battery
2 missile launch push buttons
Lora Module
additional square and rectangular thingies.
Blue parts
Red parts
Yellow parts
Black Parts
Green parts.

Well that about wraps it up.


I’m guessing I’m disqualified from entering. :smiley:

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That’s just too much work this morning… But, overall is it an IMU?

I do admire the joy you seem to take in seeing just how much you can cram into every square mm. There’s not enough space for a gnat to nap on that thing.

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@ mcalsyn - gnat napping? Not allowed.

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Where is the shark with the laser?

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This is your rocket payload thingie isnt it?

Mine looks lame comparatively, lol

@ eddie_garmon - lol - next version…

@ mtylerjr - nope, cant you see the lack of NASA markings…even if this board did have certain sensors for measuring anti gravity flux particles said sensors wouldn’t have the dynamic range of a Monarch butterfly high on amphetamines to keep up with Sprint ABM type acceleration…

BLE module
U1, has me stumped, its clocked by X1, I2C controlled.
U2, Main uP
U3, Vin to 5v Reg
U4, Im going to go with overvoltage or spike protection
U5, Going to take a stab and say 2 channel A/D converter
U6, I think i am going to go with its a mic
U7, SPI flash
U8, 3-axes accelerometer

USB Connector
D1, diode So as not to backfeed VIN to 5v to USB power Pin
D4 & D3, LED
2 pushbuttons

X1 Processor clock source
X2 RTC clock source

You can just make out BME and possibly 280 on the image so this would be a temp, humidity and pressure sensor. I have them here in the house in each room and 1 outside. They are super stable and appear to be pretty accurate too.

@ VersaModule - Pretty good and @ Dave got U6, so that just leaves the mysterious U1, U4 and U5 :slight_smile:

U2 STM32F411CEU6
U3 LDL212PU50R
U6 BME280
U7 S25FL164K0XNFI011

U4 is a 3.3V regulator but not sure of the exact part number but possibly something like the LT1761ES5-3.3

U5 is some form of quadrature IC as the inputs are marked A + B. I’ll be damned if I can find a TDFN-10 device to match the footprint. :frowning:

Dam, how did i miss those 4 vias to the the power plane. Awww… Nuts… Good catch Dave.

U4 AP2112K-3.3TRG1
U5 Pins on header could also read + -

Ah yes, but did anyone spot the error on the boards?

uh oh, that’s bad news right there folks…

Capital S and the logo should be a Snapper not a demented Tuna.

Apart from that it looks shiny.

Two "C2"s?

Nope, the second one looks like C21. You can just make out the 1 which is covered by the component.