PocketBeagle with GamePup - Midi Juke Box

I am new here with the NEW GHi Game Pup bought from MicroCenter.
I found schematics but no list of parts to find code to use for a Midi Box device.
It will play and control Midi USB devices instead of a whole laptop.

I use the commands like aconnect and aplaymidi to output to General Midi

I develop with Akai MPK mini play.
Also use Akai LPD8 controller for programable buttons and knobs.

I have NodeJS running the Scratch3.0 interface and Roland GoKeys 61k as a work in progress.

Asking for help getting the small display for NodeJS jukebox with buttons for Midi song select.
I want to first assemble the cape to a PocketBeagle with headers.
Also will 3D print case using Beagle Bone Green based Phidias LLC Delta Athena.
The Open Source plans for printer are on GitHub - github dot com slash phidiasllc).

I already have a 3D Pocket Beagle case with SCAD design for dimensions.

I know there was a complete example made for it but not sure where it was placed. I will check with beagleboard

Thanks for quick response.
I am in Annapolis MD on vacation and found GamePup in Rockville earlier on trip
so it is 90 degrees here so am hacking in hotel with desk and Wifi.
Tomorrow moving to Extended Stay with kitchen and different layout so not sure if
I will have a space to hack.
Also Annapolis Makerspace has 7 PM public night for SBC projects so want as much
info as possible to ask fewest questions.

My first you can answer is what Pocket Beagle header description for making Game Pup
removable as a cape ?

Also the BOM would expedite my learning curve.

My PocketBeagle is in the M3 case in Green with clear laser cut cover to watch lights blink.
I want to keep it in box and add Game Pup on demand.
Later I may order dedicated Pocket Beagle for the Midi box and make all the components available
privately on my Github.

I want to use this PocketBeagle with a smaller Athena delta printer I call Zen Delta.

If that is a picture of the vacation desk, what does your real desk look like? :sunglasses:

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At home it is a coffee table on couch in front of TV that is same layout.
Larger system is the USB Roland 61 key with my old Kurzwell K1000
Pro rack connected with Roland UM-ONE Mk 2 USB to 5 pin DIN.
Also have a M-Audio 88 Keystation USB controller.
In 1980’s I had a Roland Juno 106 which was DIN Midi with analog sliders
like the new Akai knobs will replace.

What do you do professionally? You got me really interested!

I am retired since 2017 but before that we ran various kid
related businesses.
We are running home daycare now but had other centers in the past.
Kids love games and music so trying to get a S.T.E.A.M. curriculum for
home hackerspace together.

From 1980-1990 I was tech instructor then applications engineer for
Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC).
We made the PDP-11 which was X11 host in the beginning.
I was support for video overlaid on computer before digital technology was
I also worked at ARP music when synthesizers were becoming more prominent.
ARP made the sounds for The Who and similar artists.
Roland in 1983 began Midi stuff so I traded Juno 60 for 106 to learn about it.
I am not a musician just a tech geek.
I met Linus Torvald in DC in 1995 so began with Linux on DEC Alpha 64 bit.
Now using Ubuntu Studio on System 76 laptop and HP Sprout V1 3D workstation.
I joined a makerspace (Artisans Asylum) in 2014 and started with SBC with attraction to Beagle Bone Black.
In 2016 another makerspace (Creation Station) was building the BB Green based Athen 3D printer I have now.
I also have Nikon 360 Keyvision, Oculus Go and OSVR that could work with BeagleBone or
Raspberry Pi.
I use Android on X96 Mini and Moto Z Play (mod capable with capes).
This year I went back to Midi for General Midi , V2 and USB learning.
Also Ubuntu Studio is low latency for audio production.
Too Much Info ?
But at least you can know where I am coming from…


You must be really old.

That is great! Retired with a lot of toys. You need one of these for you treasure chest! www.brainpad.com

You are really young !
Brainpad is Micro$oft MakeCode so not going in my toy box !
Maybe I’ll help you look at NodeJS Scratch3 doing the same with Open Source on GitHub ?
I also see PXT is NODE so I am investigating and may change my mind (about BrainPad).
I like the PUP so BrainPad Arcade looks very similar !

BTW, now in another space and FREE Wifi is 2 / 1 MB so it is slow.
I am downloading PXT from GitHub in case PUP code can be run on Pocket Beagle !??!

You are old school, from the M$ days :grinning: Microsoft has changed much since then plus BrainPad is ours not Microsoft. You can put MicroPython on there. We actually have it working, but haven’t shared the work yet.

I am now learning how important the Brain Pad is to STEM education so looking
forward to doing more with GHI folks.

Everyone helping STEM is a BrainPad friend, no matter what they use. But we also welcome more BrainPad supporters.