PocketBeagle - TechTalk 55

We speak with Jason Kridner, the Co-founder of BeagleBoard.org about their latest product the PocketBeagle.


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When they talk about the fact that there is no WiFi or Ethernet on the board directly, it was said that this is for IOT.
But is IOT really Internet of Things, without the internet (connection)?

Sound more like a Computer For Thingsā€¦ :slight_smile:

Sure you can look at it that way. I think the ā€œinternetā€ in the internet of things does not mean a direct ā€œinternetā€ connection. To me, it means connectivity.

Your IoT gas sensor or door sensor will probably not have WiFi and Ethernet but it is ā€œconnectedā€ to the internet, via a gateway.

The pocket beagle is IoT because it has the IoT software and it has the buses you need to add connectivity options, like USB and SPI.

But why not just put WiFi on it? Because you may need cell, long range, Bluetooth, or over if the many new IoT focused connectivity technologies. No matter what you pick, the software is there ready for you.

So yeah, I see it IoT all the way, but that is just my opinion :nerd: