Pocket Beagle on 18650 Power


I want to run my pocket beagle off an 18650 single cell lipo battery, as a backup power source. There are 3 pins on the pocket beagle that I know I need. GND to the LIPO -ve, Bat + to the LIPO +ve and Batt T (thermistor).

The question is: Can I run it without the thermistor (and its associated 75K resistor)?

The documentation on the power management ic (TPS65217C Single-Chip PMIC for Battery-Powered Systems, pg 32) says that:

“When the battery is removed from the system, the charger also flags a BATTEMP error which indicates that the TS input is not connected to a thermistor.”

Does that stop the charging process though? Figure 15 on pg 32 says that a temp fault will cause a suspend.

(Perhaps the simplest thing to do is jerryrig on of my 3d printer’s spare ntc thermistors to the thing, and affix it to the battery)

P.S. I know the device doesn’t supply 5V when running on battery. However, my wifi adapter seems to be working fine on the 3v3 volt line! Go figure.

Well, it seems that the temp sensor is mandatory. The chip expects the temp to rise, so you can’t fake it either. Li-Po batteries are dangerous :frowning:

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