PM feature

It would be nice to have private messaging available on this forum!


Indeed o’neal

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@ Justin or should I say @ Teal’c

Agreed! On the PM feature.

@ taylorza - Correct Rodney :smiley:

Jaffa Kree, This direction of this thread is proof that we are in desperate need of a PM facility…

@ Architect, sorry it is not my intent to derail your post, but those SG1 references cannot go unanswered! The one SCI-FI series my wife even enjoyed and she despises SCI-FI.

I don’t mind at all! :wink:

@ taylorza - Since the big guy doesnt mind…She didn’t like Firefly???

I like Firefly! I wish they had more!

@ Justin - She dislikes SCI-FI so much she does not even give it a chance, so she has never seen it.

I second that!

@ Architect - Me in all, lets hope Nathan Fillion wins the lotto as he has been quoted that if he wins then he will make more and pay for it himself…
One of the funniest moments i have ever seen on the telly is all the Firefly innuendos in Castle…

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LOL! Love it!

That deserves a +10, I have never watched Castle but I suspect I might start :slight_smile:

@ taylorza - I have enjoyed the last 4 seasons I must admit. Ease the wife in with that then pull out Firefly and Serenity :wink:

Hmm… Too bad it is not on Netflix :frowning:

PM would be definite plus, but it might reduce the open sharing of knowledge on the forum.

It already kills me that I can’t see the content of the insider’s forum.

I want to know more about this E120 ?? lol.

@ Architect - - i cant see it as i dont have an account…what does that get you?

DVD only, not online :frowning:

@ Architect - stink…would have thought it would have been there…

This certainly isn’t the first time this feature has been requested. I think w/o a doubt it is needed. We do the same thing now we just have to use the goofy “contact me at ian [at] house o flees [dot] net” syntax to do it.

This is my favorite

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