Please update Glide documentation

I’m having a hard time getting a simple Glide application to work.

I downloaded and compiled Glide for 4.2.
I created an application following the instructions in the “Custom keyboard example for 7 inch display”:

The app runs, but the calibration is off, so I looked at this wiki page:

which gives instructions for calibrating a display in Glide.

It says this, which is not correct:

Then it mentions an app that someone put on CodeShare, and provides this link, which doesn’t work:

I’m an experienced user, and this is frustrating for me. I can imagine a new user throwing up his/her hands in frustration, cursing at GHI, and then posting a nasty message on the forum >:)

The documentaion support for Glide is a bit sloppy and not ideal.

BUT, with a little detective work you can get it working. I use the following to set the software in calibrate mode on startup if there is no calibration data found.

            if (GlideTouch.Calibrated == false)

                Glide.MainWindow = calWindow;
                calWindow_CloseEvent(null);         // Create windows and tasks now

This the the init for the cal window

        private void InitCalWin()
            // 1st argument is auto start, which immediately starts calibration once the window is open.
            // 2nd argument is auto save, which saves the calibration settings for future restarts.
            calWindow = new CalibrationWindow(false, true);
            // Close the calibration window.
            calWindow.CloseEvent += new OnClose(calWindow_CloseEvent);

Beware though that there is an issue in the DIALOG that GLIDE shows when the calibration is done. I have yet to find and report this. If you click on the done button, the click is not consumed and you end up with the underlying window getting the click and this for me is seen by the re-calibrate button so it restarts calibration. Very frustrating. If this happens to you, just leave the timer to expire and it will save the settings automatically for the next restart.

@ Dave - Thank you. I’ll give this a try tonight.

@ jasdev The codeshare entry mentioned appears to no longer exist. As for the Calibration example, I was able to find it and confirm that it is working. When you say it is not correct, what do you mean?

The codeshare entry probably got jacked when the move happened. I know a codeshare driver I did went missing at that time too.

Hi John. I meant that the path in the text I quoted is not correct. I think it should have been something like this:


I see what you mean now. I’ll update that. Were you able to get calibration working otherwise?

No, I haven’t had any time to work on it… been working long hours at work!

I have followed the few posts out there but I’m still having problems getting my keyboard calibrated. I ran the calibration example but I don’t think that’s it since everything else (buttons, drop-downs, etc.) worked as expected. When the keyboard loads it is pressing buttons to the left of where I’m physically pressing on my 4.3’’ display.

I’ve tried the default keyboard (with Glide.Keyboard = InitKeyboard(); commented out) as well as the example provided in the codeshare. This is what I’m using:

            // Resize any loaded Window to the LCD's size.
            Glide.FitToScreen = true;

            Glide.Keyboard = InitKeyboard();

            Glide.Keyboard.TapKeyEvent += new OnTapKey(Keyboard_TapKeyEvent);

            // Load the Window XML string.
            window = GlideLoader.LoadWindow(Resources.GetString(Resources.StringResources.WindowNetwork));


            // Assign the Window to MainWindow; rendering it to the LCD.
            Glide.MainWindow = window;                       

            cboNetwork = (Dropdown)window.GetChildByName("cboNetwork");
            cboNetwork.TapEvent += new OnTap(dropdown_TapEvent);
            cboNetwork.ValueChangedEvent += new OnValueChanged(dropdown_ValueChangedEvent);

            txtPassword = (TextBox)window.GetChildByName("txtPassword");
            txtPassword.TapEvent += new OnTap(Glide.OpenKeyboard);

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

@ scicco - You are initializing the keyboard before you are initializing touch. Does not seem to be a logical sequence.

Thanks for the reply. You are correct - that doesn’t make sense and will move it around. That doesn’t solve the problem though because even if I comment that line out and use the default keyboard it still isn’t calibrated properly.