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Forum Use

In order to use the forum you must have a GHI Electronics account.

Visiting TinyCLR OS – GHI Electronics will allow you to create such an account. Once complete you will be redirected back to TinyCLR. You’ll now be able to log in and use the forum. Which brings us to our next topic, Forum Rules.

Forum Rules

[li]Be polite and respect others; harassment, vulgar insults and namecalling will not be tolerated.[/li]
[li]Messages must make sense, contain a real topic, contain more than just an emoticon.[/li]
[li]Racist, homophobic and sexual posts, images, or signatures not allowed.[/li]
[li]No flooding allowed (member will be banned without warning).[/li]
[li]Remember that this is the Internet. You never know who’s at the other end of a computer. Keep this in mind when you post and when you choose to share personal info or photos of yourselves with others.[/li]
[li]Do not post phone numbers, addresses or any other personal information.[/li]

@ Mr. John Smith - Is your theory whether or not GHI is serious about its rules because that is a worthless spam post. The sole purpose of which is for you to figure out how threads are ordered.

This is a real old thread taking about tinyclr :slight_smile: wow years are flying by very quickly.

@ Gus - Indeed.