Please, help RLP

I’m interested in RLP c++ development.
I have not really clear this:

  1. RPL LITE is for FEZ Hydra
  2. RPL is for FEZ Spider

I’m correct ? ???

Yes, see this please GHI Electronics – Where Hardware Meets Software

Thank you Gus for your prompt reply.
I’ve red that documents few days ago, but it wasn’t clear wich FEZ board can use the two different RLP method.

RLPLite is on Hydra only at the moment.

RLP is for everything else.

Is it possible to use RLP on Hydra? Or it’s only RLPLite there?
If RLP available for Hydra, where can I get for it?

@ Stargazer - Only RLPLite on the Hydra

Here is everything you need GHI Electronics – Where Hardware Meets Software

Performance wise, is it better to use RLPLite on Hydra or RLP on spider?
Spider have slower CPU but I understand RLP have better performance then RLPLite.

RLP (or lite) has nothing to do with performance. It is a way to load native code on the system, which in turn has better performance.