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Playlists on Windows Phone 8


What a mess that is. Something that should be so simple is a right pain to do.

It turns out if you want to do playlists then on Windows 8 launch Windows Media Player, all the other ways end up with missing songs and lists and wrong song orders etc.

Fingers crossed that someone at MS tries to use playlists and actually buys music from places other than Xbox music and hopefully something will get done on the next release.

Even creating playlists on the phone it’s self is overly complicated involving stopping music playing completely before adding songs to now playing and then before the first song finishes attempt to save the current list as a playlist.

/rant over

Apologies, twitter didn’t have enough characters :wink:


lol - Go Jas, bigger rant please, more dramatic and throw some more toys outta the cot!

Righto - off to play with phone to see what all the drama is :whistle:


@ Justin, try to create playlists without using iTunes or Windows Media Player, just use the Windows 8 “Modern” tools :wink:


@ jasuk70 - Sticking some tunes on the phone now…buy the sounds of it you will hear the colourful language shortly over the rolling Hertfordshire hillsides :smiley:


@ jasuk70 - Proceed with your rant - your right…it’s minging


I have this problem as well on phone7. The actual way to create playlists is to use the Zune software on the desktop to create the playlist and then store it on the device. Sucks but perhaps someone will write an app for that.


Part of me reaaaaally wants to get a Windows 8 mobile device since I love writing in Visual Studio so much… but I just got a new computer running Windows 8 about two weeks ago, and for the most part I think everything is just more cumbersome. Thank you for making my computer usable again!


The phone is actually really good, but there is the odd thing that winds me up which wasn’t properly thought out. I think in this case the peeps at Microsoft thought that everyone would subscribe to Xbox music and that’s what they catered for. Hopefully the next WP8 update will fix some of these issues.


I think what makes it more combersome is trying to use an OS that was built for a touch UI with a mouse. However, this is exactly what makes WP8 so great. It is 100% touch UI.