Playing around and Testing the DistanceUS3 Module and Driver

Thought I put a little blog entry together with some of my findings while testing and playing around with the DistanceUS3 Module. Hopefully that module or something similar will be re-continued in the near future.

My DistanceUS3 driver is over the top in terms of funkiness but certainly it gave me a chance to try out some ideas, any comments, suggestions or general abuse welcomed.

Do I need to post source code in CodeShare for this?


Post it to Github? :wink:

Didn’t you just recently start a CodePlex project to hold your Gadgeteer drivers?

Post it to Github? :wink:
[/quote]I definitely don’t want to go there and neither should you as my feeling towards Github aren’t likely much of a secret.

[quote=“Duke Nukem”]

Heh. Thus the wink…