Playing Arcade with 2 consoles: no Multiplayer /jacdac

Here’s connecting 2 consoles together with a single 3.5 mm stereo/audio cable: male to male, and Greg’s Helicopter Rescue game. Buttons on one controller play the game on the other controller. I did not change any of Greg’s code so I did not add multiplayer nor jacdac. It plays from one board to the other anyway.
You should be able to do this with 2 BrainPad Arcade consoles too. Just upload the game to both and plug in the cable. Could we then add a 5 inch tft screen to the ‘receiving’ console to make a much bigger console monitor? If it works with 1.77 inch, why not with 5 inch?

This gave me an idea for a game that spans two screens with a single player.

I tried converting “Space Destroyer” multiplayer game from JavaScript into blocks so our kids could change the coding, like make their own asteroid shapes and change the shapes of the space ships but it would not convert into block coding. I asked about why no blocks and was told that jacdac and multiplayer are not ready for blocks as yet. Like you said, there will be many changes in Arcade because it is so new. However…Greg’s Helicopter Rescue game is NOT multiplayer nor jacdac. So it can be in blocks and our kids can make all kinds of changes and see them in blocks. Now because we know that the stereo cable works without multiplayer (heli is not multiplayer anyway) and also works without jacdac coding, therefore the kids can work on Heli game and then play it from one console to the other. I see a stereo audio multihub with 6 ports. I have ordered one but don’t have it as yet. I would like to see you hook up 3 BP Arcades to each other via the hub and see if 2 consoles control the 3rd one and both output to its screen ? All this using standard Arcade games (splitter for hooking up multi headsets: ). By the way, I looked at Greg’s Heli game in Arcade Beta Editor, and downloaded to BPA from there… I don’t know if that makes any difference that it was not standard Arcade Editor , just mentioning that, this is all too new to me.

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