Play audio on FEZ Raptor, external 8-BIT DAC with SPI

I have a short buffer/wave file in memory and need to play this some how. Anyone care to give helpful hints on how to do it?

I have an 8-bit DAC with an SPI interface on my desk (and an OP-AMP chip) that could produce the audio, if I could get the audio stream out on the analog side…


Take a look at the developer guide for the AMP-M35 module.

This might also help -

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@ Mike - thanks, but the Raptor does not have an O socket (audio out) - required by the Amp module. Also, the gode sample needs a pointer to an audio output pin…

G400 has no Analog Out capability, so you’re right that the only approach is to get the external DAC working.

Step 1 would be getting the DAC working. Since it’s SPI should be a snack, right?
Step 2 is use the AOUT routines that are used in the samples/drivers that Mike points to but instead of setting the voltage on the AOUT pin on the mainboard, they have to set the voltage on the AOUT on the DAC via SPI.

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@ Brett - interesting approach… have to look into that. Thanks ;D