Plans for new outrageous circuits products

I realize GHI has been busy with all the awesome new stuff they are releasing, that got me wondering if there are any plans to put out any new outrageous circuits products?

We have been overloaded so not much free time. There are few things that are half done but I am not sure we want to continue with mbed. They really disappointed us at the latest meeting. They are getting away from makers and targeting commercial users. Very sad but an MBA with no passion is possibly making decisions there. I think they are going to destroy everything mbed is if they do not stop and go back.

I will probably get in trouble for saying too much publicly but I am just too disappointed. I had some big plans for mbed.

But who cares, we have AOT with visual studio now :wink:


i would have bought a “USB Prank” module and “retro game console” from outrageous circuits if I had been able to add it to my GHI order…

@ mtylerjr: I have both and they are great fun!

@ Gus: that is sad, shocking and disturbing news! A lot of time was invested in the mbed platform by companies such as GHI, but also by makers. Waisting all that time would be a shame.

I personally invested many days as a maker with the intention to master the platform so I could eventually identify and deliver commercial applications. Without makers I believe the platform is doomed to fade away as there would be far less open source contributions from the crowd. I really hope it isn’t too late as the mbed platform should be developed for the widest audience possible.

(BTW: no messenger of any bad news should ever get in trouble for delivering it)

That is sad.

The RETRO contest was a lot of fun! We need more of these. :wink:


@ Gus - It is disappointing to hear that mbed is heading in this direction, thanks for sharing your insights. Having recently done a fair amount of native work with CMSIS I really appreciate mbed.

We left our meeting with them shaking our heads, it was not very impressive, without saying these exact words, they made it feel like mbed would not be taken seriously with only a maker audience, they wanted commercial products and if you wanted to be a partner you had to pay them yearly dues with a multi-year commitment to be an “officially supported” partner. Otherwise if you didn’t want to pay or thought their dues were too high they had no time for you. Again very sad that there is a really awesome platform that could be ruined because of the need to monetize overnight.

Where’s the thumbs-down button?

Seriously, the best things they had going for them was the ease of their online IDE, and the low cost of the boards. I’m hardly an expert on what the commercial embedded market wants, but I don’t know that those things are super-important to that market, while they’re really good things for makers. Seems like a real shoot yourself in the foot move, but what do I know?

Anyone have recommendations for a cheap/free offline IDE for programming the mbed boards, in case they decide to start charging for the online IDE, too?

I do not think they will change the online ide but the official mbed devices will be a bunch of discovery boards. Not GHI nor seeed and such can afford the thousands of dollars they are asking for, just to be listed! We are simply grandfathered in and we do not know till when. We are not allowed to add any new products.

AOT and visual studio is the way to go. No worries, we are on top of it :slight_smile:


Gus, when you say AOT, are you referring to Llilum?

@ godefroi - yes

@ Gus - Exciting stuff, to be sure.

mBed 3.0 ?