Pivot Collection of Sparkfun's Product Database

I made a pivot collection of sparkfun’s product database at: http://sparkfun.kurtnelle.com and it’s daily updated. I kept discovering new stuff on their website in obscure places and it was pissing me off. There is alot of stuff there that I wish I’d know about sooner.

Anyone’s free to use it (if they want).



Now you need to make one for GHI products ;D

it’s a deal.

Whoa! That’s cool. Does it read real-time from SF or do you have to update the images & prices yourself?

I have to do the updates of the images and prices myself. It rebuilds nightly.


+1 for GHI catalog on Pivot

Very Cool

+1 for GHI catalog on Pivot

very cool indeed…

but still needs work :
for example when i choose Breakout boards and New i would imagine it showing only New Breakout Boards!!! but right now it show all new products…


@ Jay Jay,

Its an inclusive filter. The categories that you select will have their products shown. I’m still trying to figure out how to do an exclusive filter.

Thanks for the comment btw.

Also, I’ve asked for GHI’s permission to create a collection of their online catalog, so it should be soon.

Would be nice to be able to see the product titles somewhere - maybe as a tooltip. Also, a link back to the SparkFun product page would be great.

@ Ianlee74, When you’re at the right zoom level, or you select an item, a pane appears on the left. It contains the product title; which is also a hyperlink back to the product page on sparkfun.

@ Everyone,

I’ve created a pivot collection from GHI’s catalog:


I hope gus doesn’t send me bricks in my next order because I used the fez monkey.


EDIT: I didn’t know that GHI sold t-shirts. Kewlio


Now THAT is handy!
Thank you! ;D


I love pivot transitions, great job!