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PIR Modules not working at all


I just loose 6 hours looking on forums, and trying all tricks I found to make the PIR module working on my Spider mainboard (firmware up to date).

But no way… The PIR is always firing randomly, totally unuseful and for my own time (and money) consuming…

Can the support tell us how to use this module ?

I need to build solutions, including this module, and I’m really bored with my constations. It seems that this problem is present since more than a year and that no solutions has been provided. Which means for me that a bad component is sold even if it’s known by GHI that it’s not working, it’s not helping me in trusting the company.

I’ve lots of customer’s project to realize, and GHI components could be the solutions (that’s why I’m working on proof of concepts), but I clearly need support to trust in the components.



@ GMISoft - Welcome to the community! It would probably help everyone help you if you could provide some details about the problem you are experiencing. Could you describe the problem and perhaps the source code you have created?


We have seen before when power is not sufficient. How are oyu powering your system and what else do you have in your setup?

Welcome to the community.


So, here’s my configuration :

Mainboard is a Spider one, power is supplied through “USB Client DP Module” with connection from my laptop or directly from AC (I tried both)
The PIR module was connected successively on socket 11 and then 5, there’s also a Temperature&Humidity module on socket 4 and a Display T35 on sockets 10,12,13,14.

My code is really simple, and just for testing purpose, I display a red square, the temperature & humidity when a motion is detected and a green square when no motions

I’ll try now without screen to check if the power could be the problem.

I keep you in touch !

Thanks !


For some modules/setups the PIR fires every ~6sec after the initial fire.
Mine does this as well so i just created a new driver that after firing disables the interrupt pin does some cruft and then re enables the interrupt pin after saif cruft is done.
Seems to work for me.

O and welcome GMI :slight_smile:


Just as more info, you can check out this page:

There are a couple of potentiometers on it you can adjust for duration and for sensitivity. When I first got mine, it was firing all the time for no reason. After fiddling with the potentiometers, I got it to be pretty stable.

Sorry, can’t recall off the top of my head which one is which.


I tried all positions on the potentiometers, and no way, the PIR is firing, no matter of any motion, regularely. Based on an interval defined by the potentiometer.

I don’t know what to do.


I cant stop mine from firing all the time, its useless currently!

Also tried external power and very simple code. It just keeps firing with 6 seconds in between.



I have 2 of these, on a spider one does the same thing the other doesn’t. From what I have seen and the number of posts i guess there may be differences between models or something. Try creating the new driver as @ Justin mentions above.