PIR Module Sensitivity Adjustments

Last night I built a web enabled security camera with the PIR Module which apparently had a very busy night tracking some very small ants or otherwise something too small to see in the picts, so I suspect the sensitivity needs small minor adjustments, which is what I suspect the two pots are for on the side of the module, anyone know what pot does what, otherwise its software guy with a screwdriver time.


nobody answer

I want to see the results of the screwdriver action ! :slight_smile:

Yea, it messes with your mind. Don’t use it before grabbing the screwdriver!

I’d bet that the pots are for sensitivity and holding time so time to setup (I was just playing some PacMan, very impressive) and play and figure out which is which and tune for what I need. There is also a jumper on the board and I suspect that is for selecting the trigger method (unrepeatable trigger / repeatable trigger).

China do not ship products with manuals. Your best bet is to try them out and help everyone here by telling us what you find out.

This thread is gold! Reads like a Bruce Campbell movie.

No instructions, but I loved the instructions that came with the IR Universal Controller!?!?!

So let me set the scene, the problem, does the office cat do anything when no one is in the office to mooch pets and food from. We suspect he is a gifted slacker, but were wondering if he even moves at all, so hook up a motion detector to a camera, SD card, and wifi so we can not only record his day, but login and see what he is doing. First day turns out to be a failure, the cat was outside for the day, but yet the slacker cat detection device records 1000s of image taken which no doubt caused the poor web server response as the CPU was busy taking and storage pictures of nothing but an empty chair, hmmm perhaps the sensor is overly sensitive, so either we clean up our off color Gadgeteer jokes, or we figure out how to overwise reduce the sensitivity of the motion detector. From doing some experiments last night I would suspect that the with the two pots on top and the lens pointing away from you, the pot on the left is for adjusting the holding time and pot on the right is sensitivity. The jumper is for setting unrepeatable trigger / repeatable trigger. Unfortunately my adjustments last night basically ended up setting the hold time to about a minute as we got photos every minute today showing the incredible slacker skill level of the office cat, but what we really wanted was indications of frequency of notable motion events hence the use of a motion detector, so tonight Ill try fiddling around a bit more and see if I can get the motion detection down to 5 feet and only capturing significant motion events.

I say he looks like a slacker. Why didn’t you say it was an important scientific experiment like this, I wouldn’t have dissuaded people from helping then ! :o :stuck_out_tongue:

Didn’t there used to be a picture in Duke’s last post? Is this a new bug or were pics lost from previous posts?

Pictures will be back once we are done

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please visit the following link it has some information pertaining to that specific module…