PIR module fires every 5 second?

Hooked up a new PIR module to my Cerberus but it seems to fire every 5 seconds.

Seems others have had this problem too, there was a lot of discussion about sensitivity settings but it happens even if I put the module in a box so I don’t think this is the issue.

Was this problem ever resolved?

According to the documentation ir should work on X or Y sockets but on the module itself it’s only marked as X. I’ve plugged it into Y (as I don’t have an X) - could this be the issue?

Many thanks

Y sockets are X as well…

I have this issue as well - but it seems to be rather random…

For instance it does the same as you on a Bee but seems to work ok on a G120HDR…

I have 2 PIR sensors Both work fine on a spider but fires every five seconds on a cerberus. I never got to the bottom of it.