Pins must be unconnected? in manaul

On page 7 of the G120 maual, it mentions that pins with no name,function or label should be unconnected? Does this mean pins 43,44 and 33,34,35…?

Are pins 33,34…etc general GPIO or ?


From experience I can tell you that we use all of those pins with no issue, and consider them a GPIO. If they are on ports P0, or P2, those will even support interrupts.

I just posted about my first G120 based product and we use all but 4-5 pins on the board and have not issue.

See this post for the board:

I mean to attach the G120 pinout I use, see if this helps

Please keep in mind that if we use those pins for something in the future, you may have issues with designs that are using them.

Thanks for the clarification Gary.

Maybe those should be marked “reserved” or something similar, as we use all of them, and that would be an issue in our design that I just posted about today.

Kind of missleading then in the documentation as it states there are 72 GPIO available.

Based on your note about not using the ones with empty notes, for the G120 I counted 63 that are free to use and 9 that are empty making a total of 72 so in reality, the documentation should state that there are 63 available. Bit of a waste of pins if we can’t use the others?


@ anthonys - Pins 33, 34, and 35 are available to use. They all have names of “P1.14”, “P1.17”, and “P1.16” respectively. Pins 43 and 44 and reserved for future use.