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Pin voltage


Hi, i have a panda fez 2 shield. But i don’t know how can we read the precise voltage of a pin. If i use “exeple.Read()”, it give me just True or False.
Help me plz.


What you need is to use an analog in port.


yes, but is use also “Read()” ?


Yes use Read method it returns:

[quote]Default resolution is 10 bits with analog value between [0, 1023][/quote] Linear scale

which corresponds to voltage values in [0, 3.3] range


and, ok thx


You are welcome! We have some tutorials on wiki. Here is one of them:


You mention “shield” can you tell us exactly what shield you have? The concept of a shield is something that plugs onto your base processor board, not the base processor itself, perhaps you just mean the baseboard?


I think by shield he means Panda II