Piggyback board layout

I’d like to start working on a piggyback board for the Hydra. Would it be possible to get an Eagle project that would have female connectors lined up properly in the .brd file and the connectors in the .sch file? I think this would be really super awesome. :smiley:

I am not sure what do you mean? do you want schematic symbol look like actual header?

I think what he wants to do is build a “shield” for the Hydra. So, he needs the piece that fits in the header like is on the end of the cables. Not sure I see any benefit in such a board though…

Yes a shield…I don’t use Arduino’s so the term didn’t come second nature to me.

Basically I want a shield that has female connectors at the same locations (but mirrored obviously) so all of the connectors plug in directly. Just like an Arduino shield. And on that board I’ll lay out my circuit.

I didn’t realize that the eagle board layout for the Hydra is published in the wiki so it should be just a matter of removing all of the components from the board, mirroring it, and reversing the gender of the connectors. Unless I’m missing something here…

I understand. It sounds really expensive. Those sockets aren’t cheap. Are you really likely to have a need that would require all of the sockets on a single proto board? I think if I were going to go this route I would only supply the hardware necessary for the project of the day. Have you seen the DuinoProto? Perhaps it suits your needs?


Should be able to use simple and inexpensive female pin headers.

Good luck on getting the headers aligned. :smiley:

According to the Gadgeteer specs they are Samtec connectors spaced 1.27mm.

I think these will work: http://search.digikey.com/us/en/products/LPPB052NFSP-RC/S9007E-05-ND/1786351

I’ll dig around for some thru-hole versions as they’ll be a lot easier to align.

You can get through hole version samples directly from Samtec. See this thread http://tinyclr.com/forum/21/4533/

cool thanks. Just have to find the female version.