Piezo volume

On Cobra, how do you increase the peizo volume?

I do :

Utility.Piezo(800, 500); //make sound

and it is very soft, like standing 30 feet from the microwave oven…is there a way to increase the volume, or is this even the proper way to make a tone on the piezo?

What type of piezo buzzer do you use? In general piezo buzzers have a typical resonance frequency. At that frequency they produce the loudest sound.

You can’t change the volume on cobra’s speaker.

It is so soft, I can’t imagine how anyone hear’s it when the board is mounted in a case.

What is the piezo part number?.. I want to look up its specs…the part is not on the board documentation, just says PZ1.

If you need louder sound then you need a transistor and possibly 5V or more to control it. On Cobra, the peizo is connected directly to a pin.

Do you have a part number for the piezo, wantto look it up.

Not available.