Piezo Schematic

I’m about to hook up a piezo to my spider. Was looking at my old e-block piezo and can’t tell what the component that’s not a cap is. Looks like a diode, but haven’t seen one like that before. Are these schematics still available? Is it safe to just wire a piezo to the board? Do I need a current limiting resistor? Just seems like these things could cause a lot of noise(pun intented).

Should work fine. I used two eblock piezos for this demo code:


Actually I have a different piezo I was going to use and wanted to replicate the circuit on the e-block. Just not sure what the circuit is, or if I need anything at all.

Looks like the Arduino circuit for using a piezo is literally just digital pin to one lead of the piezo, and the other to ground, I guess that would be 5V pins but I’m sure it would be OK at 3V3.

Decided to just add a 100 ohm resister and go straight to the piezo. All seems fine. Might add a simple transistor circuit in the future. Thanks for the replies.