PID controlled Robot

Our FEZ Panda driven robot is now working well with a PID to control on our motors

Here are some video i’d like to share with you guys to thank you all.

Here is a video where the robot try to draw the letters “ML” with few obstacles (1kg bottle) : N04/6993774055/

An other one with a test at full speed (which led to a mechanical issue at the end) : N04/6847710092/

All this with 2 motors, 2 encoders, 2 LS7366 and 1 FEZ Panda 2 witch drive the motors with PID control

In the near future a second Panda to add some IA with sensors an all…
more : (sorry it’s in french).

Very cool.

I like your approach to obstacles … just push 'em out of the way :smiley:

Is the PID working with the encoders to make sure you are going straight?

Yes the PÏD is making the robot going straight

Obstacles in the video were placed to stress the PID not to be avoided.

Looks like your drive wheels are the inside ones (with the gears).

Are the encoders built into the outside (yellow) wheels?

Did you have any problems working with SPI, LS7366 and Panda?

Votre robot est tres jolie!

BTW - If I lived in Paris I would apply to your sponsor!

You are right the external yellow weel are directly bound to the encoder.

The ls7366 integration was pretty straight forward. We started from the sample in the code section and just change few parameters according to ur configuration.

The pid was (and is still) a little time consuming to find the right coefficient.


Nice robot!

IA==AI ?

He’s French…

IA = intelligence artificielle

Is that a self balancing robot?

No, it’s not. There are two contats points with the ground on the front of the robot.

How are you connecting the LS7366 chips to the board?

Do you have a carrier board or did you solder the wires directly to the pin of the chip?


I did a carrier board, you can see the schematic here :