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Physical usb connector position & custom enclosures



I wonder whether anyone has solved this problem that I’m currently struggling with:

I would like to use some Dominos / Pandas in a small run of say a dozen prototypes. These need to have prototype cases also. My current case design has enough room for 3 x arduino size boards (side-by-side rather than on top of each other) and a display etc (see image attached). The problem is the usb port which I would like to bring to the outside.

One option is to just position the existing usb port near the case wall and have a hole in the right place. But, I would rather not design the whole case around the arbitrary position of the usb port

Anyone else had the same problem? Has anyone unsoldered the usb connector from these boards and substituted a flying lead to a panel mounted usb port? Are there any other creative options I’m missing?




OK for some reason the forum refuses to let me load the little jpeg


Testing of an image.

You might want to try to import the image into a image editing program and re-save it as a JPG and try again. Perhaps something is wrong with it.


Is that a FEZ Coala? ;D


I use a panel mount USB B female to USB B male cable on a product I manufacture for similar reasons. You can see them here: (my site)I buy them in bulk from CablesToGo. The downside is that they do not carry any with the mini USB connectors.


I think Jeff has the right idea. Or, make your own cabling for the prototypes - Mini USB and one end and panel mount USB on the other. Here is a part from Sparkfun: