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Phidgets Sensors on FEZ


I am a convert going from Phidgets to FEZ, but I still have a bunch of Phidgets equivalents to e-blocks that have no equivalent in the GHI store so I am trying to figure out how to use them. The problem is the values don’t line up with what I expect. I can make the values go up and down and they trend correctly so I know I have spliced the wires correctly (still 3 wire, but in a different sequence), but the values themselves are way off.

In a room at about 70 degrees the temperature sensor only reads about 50 degrees, but if I put it between my fingers I see it climb about 10 degrees pretty quick, but still way to low to be right. I see similar situations with humidity, force, light, and sound sensors.

If I connect the units through the Phidget’s interface kits I get accurate values so I know the sensors are good.

Any ideas what I need to do to get the correct values?


Sounds like you need to adjust scales for these sensors in your code.


Could it be the Phidgets want 5V and you are feeding them 3.3V?


Or Phidgets output more than 3V3


ditto what architect said, especially if these are analog sensors. I’ve looked at the phidgets stuff, and I think the ones you mention are indeed analog. A bit pricey for what they do, IMO.

I am really keen on getting my hands on their pH and ORP sensors, as I have a remote water quality sensing project simmering on a back burner. Gotta find somebody else to pay for a prototype, though!


Looking at this one:

They do need 5V as Mike said and output is more than 3V3 as I thought.


Thanks for all the feedback. No matter what I try I don’t seem to be able to get the right readouts. I think I’ll just drop all the Phidget’s stuff in my “old gear” pile and look for FEZ ready stuff.


If you have a 1018 board, then maybe this page can help :


I had seen that one as well, but the 1018 just provides functionality that is native to the FEZ and my goal is to get away from using the Phidget’s IFKs. The problem is that there are some cool Phidget sensors that do not have a comparable offering on e-blocks yet.