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Phase Locked Loop (PLL) Software Implementation on Hydra


@ All,

I was wondering about a PLL Software Implementation on the Hydra? Does anyone have any ideas or comments on this?

I need to do some signal processing and thought this may be a good place to start?

All the Best



Probably depends on how fast you need it to work. For fast stuff I’d recomend using GNU radio on a single board Linux computer.


@ hagster

I agree, depends on the speed, will likely only be good to a few hundred KHz.

It will likely be nan interesting like project.

All the Best



What’s the signal source?

I’ve always thought it would be cool to build a NETMF guitar effects pedal.


Hey Hagster,

Could be any source, PWM on board maybe. Depends on what is needed.

All the Best



This is a very good example: