I’m not sure where this class is currently. I am using the CerbBee and I want to access the persistent flash storage.

Sorry, I’m using netmf 4.3. There is no such assembly as GHIElectronics.NETMF.IO for the 4.3 framework. So where is the PersistantStorage Class end up? Which assembly.

@ andre.m - I want to use the internal flash storage not the SD card.

Edit: Unless there is another way, which case what am I missing?

I’m thinking: new PersistantStorage(“NAND”)

GHI must answer for this :slight_smile:

That was only available on a product that was discontinued long years ago.

Aw. So If I wanted to store values on the chip so that persons can’t get to them, I can’t? (e.g. encryption keys)

Resources can’t be different for each machine. And that can’t be setup at runtime.

@ andre.m - Kewl, what’s the namspace and class name?

Edit: Is it this: GHI.Processor.Configuration.WriteEntry

Ok, so will GHI.Processor.Configuration.TotalSize diminish as the program gets bigger or is it a static thing?

@ andre.m - Let’s say the Program Size is 999 bytes and total memory is 1,000 bytes. Will I still have a Configuration.TotalSize of 16,000 bytes?