Persistent Storage on USBizi

I’m trying to use code from my Cobra on my USBizi that uses ExtendedWeakReferences to read and write to the flash ram but it doesn’t seem to work. I searched and found that USBizi does not support ExtendedWeakReferences. If this is true, how can I create a persistent store on the USBizi?

InternalFlashStorage will do the trick. See this thread (from today, coincidentally)

Thanks, I also found the documentation here:

Does InternalStorage.Write require a time period for physically writing the data? I thought I read somewhere that ExtendedWeakReferences could take up to 2 seconds to write the data. I’m using InternalStorage to detect a power cycle so I need to know how much time to allow for the write before I let the power be recycled.

Also, does anybody know the lifetime read/write cycles for the USBizi flash storage?

It is immediate.

This flash is meant to store some config and not to log data for example.