Persistent storage on G120


i want to be able to download and store files (eg. for ifu), but i dont want to use an SD-card. I have a flash module:

but I’ve only been able to find examples of this being used with gadgeteer. Is it possible to use this on a G120? I’m currently working on a G120HDR, but from what I understand this can’t use any gadgeteer-dependent stuff?

I’ve seen that the GHIElectronics.NETMF.IO V4.1.8 has a PersistantStorage class that can take “NAND” as constructor argument, but there arent any examples of this. Does this have any counterpart for the G120 and, if it does, do you have any examples of a flash component that could be used?

If you can’t use NAND as persistent storage, do you know if there is any type of sd-card that can be soldered to a board directly, so that you don’t have to insert one on every single module?

Thank you

If I do not make any mistake, SD Card are NAND flash also…

Knowing that, I should suggest you to have a look at the TinyFilesystem codeshare that uses chips to play as SDCards File System.

Like this :=>

Cool, that looks like what I’m after. Do you know if there is any implementation of the IBlockDriver for the GHI flash module?

Aha… I saw now from the tread that you linked to that the GHI module had the same interface as the flash that was already implemented in TinyFileSystem. That should get me going.

Thank you!

You’re welcome !

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