Just got back from Seattle.
PDC2010 this year was not as big as in previous years, but it was good. Got my free Windows Phone 7 ;D.
Anyways I have met Netduino’s Chris Walker over there (Secret Labs was one of the few exhibitors). It was one of the busiest spots. May be next year Fez will be there too :wink:

We were suppose to go or at least send some demos but GHI is too busy making all kind of fun things :slight_smile:

Maybe next year though

Argh, wish there was some electronics convention in St. Louis or somewhere else within reasonable distance. Typical midwest life, I guess. ::slight_smile:

How is the windows 7 phone? Will it be able to compete with iphone? One thing will be cool, the tooling is very familar to us .Net coders.

FEZ was way back in PDC2009 though ;).

Was FEZ even on the market in 09? I seem to recall I was one of the first members of TinyCLR, and I bought mine immediately after they went in stock on Sparkfun. That was in March of this year, I think.

Tinyclr website was launched with FEZ Mini and FEZ Domino on Jan 1rs 2010.
But the first public exposure was in PDC 2009.

So, help me out here.

Chris, you’re a Hero, and TinyClr’s not even a year old!

Who’s been gaming the Experience Points? Must be some kind of time-compression algorithm.


[quote]We were suppose to go or at least send some demos but GHI is too busy making all kind of fun things

It seems that it has been over a month since a new product was announced. You guys OK?

Must be busy though - Pandas are out of stock everywhere again :wink:

We would like to appologize to Clint Rutkas and thank him. Because we promised to send him a demo from GHI that he would thankfully have shown in the PDC2010, but we couldn’t.

Thank you Clint


I love it. I think it has great potential and will succeed. I have been programming for iPhone and Android for some time. My main issues with iPhone and Android as a developer:

iPhone: Objective-C is cumbersome.
Android: Eclipse is too “heavy”.

Windows Phone 7 is a breeze to program.


Silverlight or XNA or both?


I love Silverlight - it’s what I do for a living (until my robots take over the world :whistle:) - have never dipped my toe into the XNA pond however.

Do you know if there’s any RDP support (native or 3rd party) for WP7? That’s the only think holding me back from getting one.

Not yet!
And the reason is that sockets are forbidden for now, but they will open it eventually (better soon than later). The only protocols that are open for developers are http and https.


Gotcha …

Wait … isn’t there a VNC over HTTP out there somewhere?

added Though the current versions are ActiveX based on the client side, so that wouldn’t work.

I understand it may not be the best performing way to do it, but something would be better than nothing.