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Any possibilities to use PCMCIA nor PCI card with the Microframework and the FEZ cards ?

any ideas ?


No but the question is why?!


because a lot of PCI card nor PCMCIA card exist and I wonder if it could be possible to use them with the FEZ.

For instance, I have a Wifi 802.11p card not used and which can be plug though PCMCIA to a PC… And I wonder if I could use it in a project done with FEZ… That’s the why :slight_smile:


Even if there is PCMCIA or PCI slot available, that doesn’t mean the driver is available :frowning:


sure the driver are not available, but I was wondering if connect PCMCIA nor PCI was possible on the hardware level… and if difficult to do it.

For the driver, I guessed I had to do piece of work :slight_smile: doesn’t bother me in fact


It is too much work for us. So I guess it would be the same or more for you. :wink:



What are you trying to do with a PCI card?


I think counting the number of pins needed for a PCI card will help answer the PCI question. Add to that timing considerations, you would have a challenge to connect.

PCMCIA cards might be a little easier than PCI cards.

I suspect if you had to ask if these cards could be connected to a FEZ you are not ready to develop a driver for them.


It’s a pet peeve of mine to berate other people’s ideas. If he doesn’t know that It’s difficult or impossible, he just might achieve it.



I was not berating his idea. If I was, I would have questioned why he would want to attach those type of boards.

I never said he could not achieve such a goal, I just was being honest by suggesting he might not be ready to tackle the problem. The challenge to him would be to get ready…

Perhaps I did not use a ;D


Yea the smile might have helped to :slight_smile:


Hi guys

In fact, I’ve got two card for Wifi 802.11p and I’d like to use them. I can’t do it with my PC unless I use PCMCIA device…

These cards were used in a European project for Car communication (V2V - V2I) and was embeded in the car with 3 computers (the architecture was not optimized). So if I could create
what we did during this project by only using the FEZ, I’ll be really happy…

That is the reason of that question…

I’m aware it is not that easy to make it… My main problem would be the electronic side of the problem (ie: connecting the card to the board :slight_smile:



You might be able to find some special converter chip or something to go from PCMCIA to… some other format… Search around, that might be a good option.


You are looking for something like this. The price can go from decently cheap to really damn expensive on these so look around.

Or something like this if you are designing your own circuit.


Hey Raven,

I went to download the app and I got this:
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2. I don’t know how I could have tripped that detector. I downloaded that app only once before.

#3. I know it’s not someone abusing my IP, because my IP changes once in a blue moon. I even get a text message when it does.

Any ideas?


Uhh are you talking about me Chris?

Thats the official link. And why are you writing in this thread?


I would suggest looking up the specifications for the PCI bus. Nothing about interfacing with it is trivial. It is a parallel data bus (32-bits), uses a reflective wave scheme increase the voltage of the driving signal to the point that the receiver can see it, etc, etc. PCs use special chipsets to control and interface with the PCI bus and it is very common to use a PCI bus interface chip on a PCI card that relieves the designer from all of the low level interfacing headaches.

Given the interface requirements it is really not a feasible task to try and control a PCI card with a FEZ, you need a lot of parallel I/O lines which is something that the NETMF and FEZ were not designed for.

If you look at your PCI cards you might find that they used a PCI interface chip on them to talk to a simpler chipset. You might be able to remove the PCI chipset and talk directly to the rest of the card but that might again require parallel data I/O and a lot of low level interfacing and driver work.


ER, oops, sorry Raven, wrong thread. that will teach me to have 4 different threads open at a time…


Those buses mentioned here are a very bad idea for little embedded system. It is not even worth discussing :wink:

If there was benefit then GHI would have already had a device with PCI ;D
USB is good enough to handle everything high end and then you have CAN, SPI, I2C, UART, one wire…etc for the other tasks. Not having PCI will NOT limit anyone by any means!