PCI connector for mainboard

I’m developing a circuit board and I need to find a connector to plug at GHI mainboards like FEZ Hydra and FEZ Cobra II Net.
These mainboards have a connector to plug in a module, but I have to use the pins availables in my own circuit, and I can’t use flat cable.
Does someone meet a website or the kind of connector that I can use?

Micael Gaier

@ micaelbg - There are hundreds of different types of connectors. I don’t understand exactly what type you are seeking.

You can go to the sites of the major connector manufacturers, such as http://www.molex.com/, and browse.

Hi micaelbg.

Mike, I think he is looking for the connector that would mate with the Gadgeteer connector but be a direct soldering to his PCB instead of via the IDC cables.

If this is true, the pitch of the Gadgeteer is 1.27mm and Molex don’t have anything suitable.

Your nearest possible supplier is Samtec with there SMFC range but you won’t get much in the way of stacking height with these.


They have both SMD and through hole.

If you are going to do it this way, I suggest you use the 3D models from GHI if you can to confirm alignment.