PCB Footprints

Can someone recommend a comprehensive Altium library that has IC’s in it like the LQFP64 (same footprint as the G30). As well as some 28 pin packages like 28-SSOP and 28-HSSOP? I am having trouble finding anything on Google. I went and looked at the packages provided by STMicro but could not find one for the L6470/packages for their motor controllers.

My schematic is complete I just need footprints.

Try https://www.snapeda.com/. They are usually available in Eagle format which can be imported into Altium.

@munderhill what format should I download in? It says Altium but downloads a .lia file…not sure how to import it

Eagle -------

thank you!!!

You should be creating your own footprints, it’s usually faster than looking for them.

Footprint creation in Altium is very easy and quick and dont forget, just because you have found a footprint online doesn’t mean it doesn’t contain errors.


I have been measuring every footprint I find and comparing with data sheet land pattern. Found only 1 package that was off but I still need to find mechanical drawings for LQFP64 which definitely need to get added to the G30 data sheet. It just seemed so tedious to make 64 pads and I don’t really know how much bigger the land pattern should be than the IC’s…I just know it has to be bigger because I had the unfortunate luck of putting together someone’s PCB with terribly sized footprints.

That L6470 pattern is actually the only one that was wrong haha…they forgot the ground pad and its much too narrow

You could look at the datasheet of the STM32F401, there are the exact footprints (on page 122 and 123).
It’s a standard QFP-64 footprint with 0.5mm pitch.

thank you!!

@Justin Drew my first footprint :stuck_out_tongue: my boss finally showed me

Well done, another skill learnt.