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PCB Design question


To start the spiral of madness down the rabbit hole in the pursuit of my first hardware attempt I have a bunch of WS2803’s and horde of 5050 RGB Leds coming in the mail to start the “Disco Inferno”…

So lets say I have a row of 6 leds, should I wire them up in groups of three in the order of out0,1,2 for led 1 - out3,4,5 for lead 2 etc to keep things neat but with more routing headaches but more logical code or a mickey mouse layout for ease of routing and deal with it in code to get the correct order…

Semi lost, half clueless but can push the auto router in eagle and get a working design out - i think… :smiley:


It’s easiest to have them all in order, this will not be a very big routing problem.

If you turn the IC 90degrees CCW, you can route everything on single layer, see MSPaint image :slight_smile:

Note: I do see that you connect the Kathode to [+]5V. Kathode is Negative and Anode is Positive, so you’ll have to swap this.


Thanks Wouter, i’ll just shake it up and down and make the electrons go backwards :smiley:


you’re a kiwi in the UK, just hold it above your head and it’ll all be fine…



@ Justin - you’ll have to shake it very fast. I just remember the dutch word “KNAP” (which means “handsome”)


@ Brett - lol - i’m sure the water goes down the plug hole backwards up here so it must be the same for elecwizardry…


I could take that the wrong way :smiley: