PCB clear coating

I am looking for something that can be used to protect a pcb that is exposed to the elements.

Has anybody done something like that?

I’ve not - but I though people were using NeverWet; a 3m hydrophobic spray.

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@ mhectorgato - Thanks! I’ll take a look.

Adafruit did some fairly successful tests with some Arduinos and NeverWet.


Do a search for conformal coating.

We used to use the silicone based stuff for PCB’s that went into underwater submersibles as it was re-entrant for repairs.

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The video says this is not recommended for electronics and degrades in the sun.

I think you are better off looking for one of the silicone sprays designed for PCB conformal coating to be sure your boards are fully protected for years to come. I came across boards that where 20+ years old and still working and no degradation of the coating,

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I like plastidip that people use on cars and stuff. They also do liquid tape which is the same stuff in a bottle with an applicator. You can either spray, paint or dip your electronics and it forms a rubberised layer that can be peeled off later if you need to fix anything.

EDIT:- I should mention that it is available in Clear as well as many other colours.