PCB Cleaning

For those who build their own circuit boards how do you clean them after re-flow and through-hole soldering?
Does anyone use an ultrasonic cleaner? If so what type of solution do you use in it?

GHI, Are there any issues cleaning circuit boards with SoM’s attached?

We do not clean. The boards we produce with our quality setup come out beautiful without cleaning.

For PCB’s at home or small runs at work where I hand solder the boards, I use isopropyl alcohol to clean the boards with a small paint brush. I found that proper flux remover was expensive for small runs.

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When we do inhouse production, we use a ultrasonic cleaner with a isopropanol alcohol solution we got from our soldering supplier. Just a couple minutes and the boards look great!

Ultrasonic with https://www.newark.com/electrolube/swas05l/flux-remover-can-5l/dp/44AC2438