PC13 not routed on Cerb40?

I am busy building a protoptipe based on a Cerb40. I started wiring a gadgeteer socket based on Socket 4 of a Cerberes board. But on a Cerberes board pin6 of socket 4 is connected to PC13. However I cannot find PC13 on any of the 40 pins of the Cerb40.

When I started this I was under the impression all the pins that is on the Cerberus board is also available on the Cerb40 board. But it seems now that assumption is wrong. Is there any other Cerberus sockets that cannot be 100% replicated on a Cerb40?

Never mind… Just noticed there are more signals on this socket that is not available on the Cerb40 (eg PB0 and PB1). I will just have to make another plan. I just chose to replicate Socket 4 because I have many modules that can work on it, but luckily the only module that I will probably use on it is the joystick module and it does not even use these pins.

You can just use a netmf project and the code from the Gadgeteer driver, rather than worry about specific pins?