Pause during debug connection - When will it be fxed?

When are we going to get this damned pause during debug connection fixed?

I am running a G400D with 4.2 and it hangs every so often but only when running connected to the debugger. Clicking on PAUSE it stops at a Thread.Sleep() every time. Hitting RUN and it starts again but it keeps pausing again after a random time.

It’s a real pain in the proverbial trying to debug like this and have code running on test connected to the debugger.

It’s not just the G400D I am currently working on, this happens with the G120 and the Cerbuino.

As this is a system due to go out to the customer soon I am not keen about switching it to 4.3 as the current system is stable when running without debugging.

This is a tough one to nail. We haven’t seen this happening with 4.3. I would give the new sdk a try.

I am trying to install the 4.3 and I am getting issues.

Is it supposed to uninstall the 4.2 files I already had installed? Without these I can’t target the Cobra 2 as the 4.3 is for G400 and Hydra only.

Secondly I get the attached error. during the 43 (QFE1) validation.

Ok. I finally got it to install and 4.2 is now back in there.