Patiently waiting


Now that your UCM modules are released when will
you be releasing your fabulous FEZ?

Some of us have been patiently waiting and I have money to burn!

What is FEZ? :wink:

Sorry for the delayed reply.

I cannot find the reference where you were saying (At least I think so) FEZ about what I thought was a new developer board and were changing to a different WiFi module.

Anyway, I ordered from:
Mouser Electronics, Inc.

Development Boards & Kits - ARM UCM Development Board

Mouser 958-UCD-DEV-E


System-On-Modules - SOM UCM 2550 - with WiFi

Mouser 958-UC2550-13NNW

GHI UC2550-13NNW

Display Development Tools Universal Display 7.0 inch

Mouser 958-UCD-D70-A


Is there anything else I really need to put it to use?

I ask, because at my age, I am always leaving out something!

The UC25 first have display interface signals. You need the UC55.

I was joking about FEZ. Stay tuned…

Not sure what the UC55 is… Do you have the mouser part number?

Thanks Gus.

I double checked my order and I had ordered the UC5550 with WiFi.

UCM 2550 - with WiFi was MY typo

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We did some graphics test and it is FAST!!! You will love it.