Patiently awaiting TinyCLR dev boards

My little test PCB arrived this morning so I hand-soldered it up and now just waiting for the dev boards to arrive to test it out. :slight_smile:

This is a conversion board to take the 40 way LCD interface to the FPC I use on the LCD panels.

The LCD panel I will test with. This is 1024x600 and IPS with 900 cd/m2 brightness. It works well outdoors.


You don’t look patient to me lol!! Where did you find that display? And don’t throw that design away, you’ll have to make up boards for us as well :slight_smile:

I thought I might be surprised by getting one for Christmas :grin:


If it works after I have tested it, I will send you one as a thank you for the dev boards. :wink:

Hi John, the LCD is from Newhaven, it’s the NHD-7.0-1024600AF-LSXP-CTP and the PCB is custom made for it as is the LCD frame. It has an LVDS interface so it needs an encoder to convert the 24 bit RGB. The LCD I have used with an Android system I use for data logging in oil fields. I needed something bright for use outdoors in and enclosure. The 900 nits of this display is very bright. The image below shows the previous display with 350 nits next to it. This is in the workshop but outside the left one washes out but the IPS one remains very bright. This was the first prototype hence the white frame machined at work from acrylic. A bit too see-through so I have changed to black Delrin.

Anyway, I am really keen to get this LCD working with the SITcore modules and to see how it performs. I have a plan for this for a control interface for an ROV system I will be working on in the new year. :wink:


Can you share what kind of ROVs you build control systems for? Here at MBARI where I work, we run 2 research vessels each with a ROV along with a fleet of AUVs, wave gliders, subsurface gliders and profiling floats. All for oceanographic research missions. Most of the tech we’ve developed ourselves. I’ve been thinking I’m the only one using .Net Micro in the whole marine industry and feel like a lone wolf.

I can safely assure you that you are not alone :smile:


Lone wolf? Not at all. I’ve been using .NETMF for many years for control systems used offshore.

I am planning to use them to develop the touch screen interface. I started this with some Linux based units from 4D Systems but the software was a mess and I was not 100% familiar with QT at the time and we also had a colour issue that 4D could not fix. It was shelved about a year ago but now there is interest again from a few clients.

These are designed as drop-in replacements for our existing ROV control system software that we developed for Scorpio and Demon ROV systems. I developed the original back in 1993 as a DOS program. We have updated to Windows 7+ 2+ years ago and this next step replaces all of the wiring under the existing consoles with these new panels. They are connected via Ethernet and a single +24V supply. This image is the 2 real panels I built to test the system.

This is a mockup from the 3D CAD with the additonal 2 keyboards for the system and the sonar.

Looking forward to getting my hands on TinyCLR and the SITcore replacement for the G400D as it will allow me to rapidly complete this system. We know it all works from a touch screen as we did a system with this before for a couple of clients and working on another just now. These 2 panels have a smaller touch screen.


I should add that the GUI control system was developed with the full .NET Framework in C#. It even handles the 1000+ interrupts per second from the ROV communications link.


So nice to hear.

@Dave_McLaughlin - Thanks for all the information, very interesting.