Patch shield for panda2

I picked up two of the yawp patch shields [url][/url] from adafruit. Stacking these I can just about use all of the panda2 digital IOs, but the jumper wiring will be a rats nest. The shield design is open source and I was pondering the idea of refactoring it to better utilize the panda2’s form factor (Di20-52). Some kind of extension, or even a separate board that plugs into the header for those pins would be useful for my project. Would anybody be interested if I made the effort? Design suggestions appreciated.

Hello Eric :slight_smile:

The patch shield idea looks great, however the electronic security worries me a bit !
Attaching (multiple) possibly long wires directly to a micro-controler chip, without proper bufferring/opto(photo) coupling/filtering makes me think that you are maybe going to get a lot of trouble… At minima, interrupts popping all the times when any electric device will start arround, maybe even frying the input lines on various conditions, acting like a radio antenna…

It will probably work fine during testing with short wires (<1m / 3ft), but never reliably on a real situation. So this can be a good device for lab tests, but never for “production” configurations.

So you may add some electronics on the patch shield to secure your stuff. However, it is difficult to set it up without knowing if a pin is going to be digital in or out. Or analog… Hard-learned experience (with smoke :D). Remote sensoring != sensoring…

Good luck !