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Passing touch into glide


I have a capacitive touch that is working with Skewwoks CLIX and I can pass touch to it.

I am now trying to port the driver to use with my Glide based application and I am having an issue passing in the touch.

The issue is that the following line leaves “touches” as null when it runs.

            touches = new Microsoft.SPOT.Touch.TouchInput[1];

I am calling GlideTouch.Initialize() in the startup code.



I am also using a Newhaven Display with CLIX. Can you post some code that shows how to get touch working with CLIX?


Hi Charlie,

If you are using the capacitive touch version then Simon has created a very nice driver for this.

Check it out

It works fine with Clix. I used the following in the event handlers that Simon’s code calls. I’ll take out the debug later when the code is finished.

        static void display_TouchDown(DisplayNhd5 sender, TouchEventArgs e)
            point loc;

            Debug.Print("Finger " + e.FingerNumber + " down!");
            Debug.Print("Where " + e.X + "," + e.Y);

            loc.X = e.X;
            loc.Y = e.Y;

            Core.RaiseTouchEvent(TouchType.TouchDown, loc);

        static void display_TouchUp(DisplayNhd5 sender, TouchEventArgs e)
            point loc;

            Debug.Print("Finger " + e.FingerNumber + " up!");

            loc.X = e.X;
            loc.Y = e.Y;

            Core.RaiseTouchEvent(TouchType.TouchUp, loc);



I had the same problem with passing touch into glide. I kept getting null reference exception errors when I used

A work around is to use

```cs]Microsoft.SPOT.Touch.TouchInput[] touches = new Microsoft.SPOT.Touch.TouchInput[] {new Microsoft.SPOT.Touch.TouchInput()};[/code

to initialize the touches array.  It works for me.


Thanks Charlie, I will be testing this soon. I am just working on the new main board to support the G400.