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Parallel Port


Alright I give up, can someone please tell me the name of the parallel port class as well as as the namespace.


The parallel port class is called parallel port and it is in hardware namespace :smiley: You must be really tired my friend


I suggest you use ReSharper, it helps most of the time


:-[ Too many late nights.

Ok so it’s 8 bits wide (lucky since I only need 4 bits now), but are those special pins or just any pin will do?
Also what is the purpose of the write enable and read enable pins?

EDIT: NVMD found it:


Is there an estimate of how many clock cycles it takes to perform the write, and if not, then could it expected to take the same amount of time each time?

Does threading affect it?


It should take the same amount of time. Threading does not affect it because write is a blocking call.


@ Mike, awesome that’s perfect. I was hoping it was a blocking operation.