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Parallel IO


I have been put onto an idea for a USBIzi powered product, that I think would make a pretty awesome tool for Network administrators.

Doing a small amount of research into costings, parts, etc, I came to the issue of an LCD Display interface.

I know there was discussion of a .NET class for parallel IO, I was wondering if there was any idea if or when this feature would become available as all the inexpensive LCDs have an 8-bit parallel interface.


Savitch has made a driver for a small SPI - parallel LCD graphical converter using a shift register and a couple of logic gates… I think there is a version for alphanumeric screens as well…

I’m working on a shield that will interface alphanumeric and graphical screens to a FEZ.

Parallel IO at the moment is too slow.

Cheers Ian


The parallel interface will be next SDK drop which is going to be some time but if you really need it now then you just have to ask for it :wink:


The device in question is in the queue of things I need to get to. it’ll be a little while before I get to it. I am finishing off the tail end of a software package I am writing, then finishing the industrial controller project, and by then (Q1 2011 I should think) i’ll look into this project. So no hurry for the code, and the SPI->Parallel converter is a nifty bit of work, but on this one, lowest production cost matters.